Conscientious, Bikable, Recyclable Jewelry

The purpose of Danda Borealis is to reduce waste, and reuse recyclable material to create jewelry that makes environmental, economic, sustainable societal statments.

Danda: A symbol of spirit. The spirit of the bicycle community is strong and continues to grow. You can wear these accessories as a symbol of your support of the bicycle community and eco-culture's movement.

Borealis: North. As in Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights. I've spent most of my life in Alaska, spoiled with natural northern beauty. I've recently moved to Chicago, for love and life, and feel the urge to share some of the beauty that has influenced me.

18% of your purchase here is donated to a non-profit bicycle cooperative in Alaska. The northern bicycling community's spirit continues to grow. This is a way of supporting the movement.

Visit to learn about who benefits from your purchase at Danda Borealis.


UAA Bike Club Bachelor and Bachelorette Benefit Auction

UAA Bicycle Club held it's third annual Bachelor and Bachelorette Benefit Auction, last week . The proceeds from the auctions will go towards funding Anchorage's Off The Chain Bicycle Collective.
Danda Borealis donated 2 set of earrings for bidding at the silent auction portion of the evening.

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